About Us

Smith Machinery has long been an important member of the Intermountain West manufacturing community. The Smith family have a rich history serving the manufacturing industry since 1923. Smith Machinery has proudly represented Mazak in the Rocky Mountain region for 45 years.

After 40 years at the helm of the company, Clark Smith retired from the industry and sold Smith Machinery to Tom Weaver and Randy Breitenbach of Action Machinery in 2021. Transitioning the company to new ownership was done with careful consideration to ensure the continuity of the Smith legacy of customer service and support. Representing Mazak since 2004 in the Colorado and Eastern Wyoming markets, Action Machinery shares Smith Machinery’s passion for support of the manufacturing industry.

As the General Manager and co-owner of Smith Machinery, Tom Weaver has more than 30 years of industry experience. Tom’s educational background with both an engineering degree and MBA combine with his real-world manufacturing experience to make him uniquely qualified to lead Smith Machinery.
Randy Breitenbach is the President of Action Machinery International based in Denver. As co-owner of Smith Machinery Company, Randy’s industry experience and strong belief in the importance of a robust US manufacturing base ensures that the Smith family tradition of service and support will continue at the same high levels Smith’s customers have come to expect.

We are excited about this new chapter in Smith Machinery’s storied history and look forward to working with Smith’s customers as our industry continues to evolve and grow. The recent challenges in supply chain and geopolitical differences have provided strong evidence for the importance of manufacturing here on US soil. Many in the manufacturing world have begun to recognize that sourcing parts offshore where the price is lowest often comes with risks that previously were not considered as a component of that “low” price. We look forward to working with the OEMs, job shops and contract manufacturers that make up the backbone of our industry and to helping you become more efficient, productive and profitable.