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Mazak VC500A 5X HWD Hybrid 5

Mazak VC500A 5X HWD Hybrid 5 The Mazak VC500A 5X HWD Hybrid 5-axis vertical machining center employs hot wire deposition in synergy with 5-axis machining. The supplementary material, which may vary from the base substance, is utilized to boost the performance of components, especially in terms of resistance to wear or corrosion.

Mazak Integrex Hybrid Machine

Mazak Integrex Hybrid Machine The Mazak Integrex Hybrid system blends powdered metal deposition with top-tier multi-tasking capabilities, providing the pinnacle of sophisticated manufacturing technology. This machine is perfectly adapted for use in the aerospace, medical, and energy sectors. Mazak Integrex i-400S AM