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Acer – Mills and Lathes

Acer – Mills and Lathes Offering a variety of sizes and features, Acer mills and lathes have an affordable solution that will provide years of service for hobby or production environments.

Romi Teach Lathes

Romi – Teach Lathes Romi Teach Lates are designed to be user friendly and easy to use while providing high accuracy due to their precision engineered components and advanced control systems.

Milltronics – TRM-20

Milltronics – TRM-20 The Milltronics TRM-20 is a versatile CNC bed mill that is designed for a wide variety of applications. This mill is a great addition to any tool room, job shop or tool & die shop. With a large working area, robust cast construction, Cat 40 tooling and ability to run in manual, …

Milltronics – TRM3016

Milltronics – TRM3016 The Milltronics TRM3016 tool room mill offers large travels, speed and power at a great price. Featuring “drop down” door openings, the TRM3016 can allow long parts to pass through making this a versatile system. TRM3016

Milltronics – VK4 Mill & ML16 Lathe

Milltronics – VK4 Mill & ML16 Lathe Milltronics CNC Toolroom mills and lathes feature the 9000-DGI CNC control that allows operators to run parts programmed conversationally or tool paths generated by a CAM system. Combined with a superfast motion control system, feature-packed CNC, Milltronics has over 50 models of mills and lathes for tool room …