Waterjet Cutting

OMAX MicroMax

The OMAX MicroMax provides ultra-precision abrasive waterjet cutting in a small footprint. This fully enclosed, environmentally controlled system provides safe, clean and quiet waterjet cutting capabilities to any shop. Designed and Built in the USA

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OMAX - 2652

From flagship line from OMAX, the 2652 is a small format machine with a cutting area of 4’-4” x 2’-2” and a variety of options available to customize to your needs. The OMAX 2652 abrasive waterjet cutting system features OMAX’s industry leading exclusive Intellimax Premium software and EnduroMax direct drive pump.

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OMAX - OptiMax

For larger abrasive waterjet cutting solutions, look at the OptiMax line from OMAX. With cutting envelops of 10’ x 5’-2” and 13’-4” x 6’-8”, the OptiMax offers some of the latest technology resulting in the world’s most advanced abrasive cutting systems.

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OMAX OptiMax