Mazak - QT Series High Performance Lathes

The high-performance lathes of the Mazak QT Series are extremely accurate, fast, and innovative. Equipped with Smooth G-series control and programmable with G-code or Mazatrol, with optional enhanced 3D assist. Available with Y-axis, live tooling, and a second spindle.


Mazak QT Series

Mazak - QT-Ez Economical Lathes

Affordable, reliable, innovative turning centers with 8”, 10” or 12” chuck size. Integral motor headstock, Hybrid MX roller guides and pre-tensioned ball screws ensure the quality and rigidity you demand. Available with Y-axis, live tooling, second spindle, Y-axis and second spindle for true done-in-one operations.


Mazak QT-Ez Series

Mazak - HQR High Production Lathes

Mazak HQR high production lathes are high-production, twin-turret, twin-spindle lathes. Available with features such as live tooling and Y-axes. Fully-featured, done-in-one parts producer.


Mazak HQR Series

Mazak - ST Slant Bed Lathes

ST Slant Bed Lathes are popular in the energy industry on account of their powerful, yet intuitive threading cycles and large spindle bores. Ideal for long shaft work and threading operations.


Mazak Slant Turn Series

Mazak - Mega Turn Vertical Turret Lathes

The Mazak Megaturn series are built to handle large-diameter parts of greater-than-average size and weight. Available with live tooling and tool changer for versatility and reduced interference. Up to 65” maximum diameter.


Mazak Mega Turn Series