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Mazak’s Palletech Systems

Mazak’s Palletech Systems Smith Machinery offers Mazak Palletech systems designed to automate an array of Mazak metal working machines, including horizontal machining centers, the Variaxis 5-axis series, Vortex, and Integrex 5-axis Verticals, among others. These systems significantly boost efficiency, frequently driving spindle usage rates to exceed 90% Mazak Palletech

Mazak Variaxis C600 with MPP

Mazak Variaxis C600 with MPP Mazak’s Variaxis series is the benchmark for 5-axis vertical machining centers. It is demonstrated here in conjunction with a cost-effective and space-efficient Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) system that can be obtained with 6, 12, or 18 pallets.

Mazak VC Ez 20 with CC 10 Cobot

Mazak VC Ez 20 with CC 10 Cobot The remarkably economical VC Ez 20 CNC mill from Mazak, together with a CC 10 Cobot, facilitates automatic loading and unloading, liberating operators to tackle more intricate tasks and thereby enhancing overall productivity.